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OpenAI has introduced a groundbreaking artificial intelligence model named Sora, capable of transforming text prompts into short, remarkably realistic-looking videos. This development, disclosed on Thursday, represents a notable advancement beyond prior AI-generated video models, according to The New York Times. Often likened to scenes from Hollywood movies, Sora can generate videos that closely resemble authentic cinematic productions.

The AI landscape has witnessed a surge of interest from various entities, ranging from innovative startups to tech giants, all vying to launch compelling instant video generators. However, OpenAI has opted not to release Sora to the public at this juncture. Instead, a select group of testers will evaluate the system to comprehend and address potential risks associated with its deployment.

Named after the Japanese word for sky, Sora is classified as a text-to-video diffusion model. Its remarkable capability lies in crafting minute-long videos that are challenging to distinguish from real-world footage. This innovation holds significant promise for revolutionizing the film industry, introducing a powerful tool that can seamlessly translate textual prompts into visually captivating and lifelike video content.

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